Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is key-hole surgery on the hip joint. It is performed through small (2cm) incisions using a camera to visualize the inside of a joint. Traction is needed to created a space in the hip to insert the instruments.

Indication Diagnostic and Thereuapetic

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Acetebulo-labrum repair

The labrum of the hip is a lip of thick cartilage that runs around the edge of the hip socket. When a labral tear of the hip occurs, the torn tissue can become pinched in the joint causing pain and catching sensations. Labral tears can occur from acute injuries such as sport or as a chronic problem due to impingement of the hip.

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Femoralacetabular impingement

Impingement of the hip is when the shape of the hip bones causes repetitive injury to the labrum and the cartilage lining the joint. This results in hip pain and may be one of the factors that lead to arthritis. Treatment involved reshaping of the bones inside the hip. Sometimes cartilage within the hip is also affected and this can be treated at the same time.

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