Testimonials from our valuable Clients

Farhana tasneem Ejaz*****

After 7 years when I faced knee problems I have been advised different surgeon, even I have made all arrangements in my home country, but truly speaking my inner was not satisfied to go anywhere and then I seek help from Almighty Allah in the night. Next morning I was so relieved and relaxed and I decided to go to Dr. Ashfaq. I have done both knee replacement surgery and I'm so happy and satisfied, I started walking within two weeks time I would say Dr. Ashfaq, as a surgeon and as a human being, very kind, very nice and a great human being.

Rena R**********

Doctor Konchwalla is very caring and knows his work perfectly. Before visiting him I had been "treated" by other doctor for 1 month(!) without progress at all. I had a knee meniscus tear and suffered with pain and swelling for a long time but felt better immediately after my first visit. Later I had treatment and physiotherapy and this made my health much.better, even without surgery. A big THANKS to this doctor and I wish him a lot of success ! :-)

Prakash Vaithanathan*****

I had a shoulder impingement for more than 6 months and suffered pain and loss of mobility. When i met him for the first time, his knowledge, friendliness and approach created instant faith. After arthroscope surgery, the next week I went back to office and routine activities and 90% mobility back in less than a month. He is knowledgeable and always reachable. I strongly recommend him for any sports/joint related surgery. Thanks Dr.Ashfaq.


Dr. Ashfaq is truly one of a kind doctor with his unique set of skills and experience. When I first met him, I was suffering from ACL, PCL and meniscal tear. I had visited many doctors, but there were none who could perform PCL surgery and hence after a lot of research I ended up with Dr. Ashfaq - as his reputation precedes him. He promised me a fast recovery and delivered on his promise. I absolutely recommend him for surgery and would advise all people suffering from ligament injuries to immediately get it done with the surgery as prolonging it will only make matters worse.

Aamir Bilal*****

I have been suffering for pain in my left knee for a few months. I got in touch with Dr Ashfaq Konchwalla at Saudi German hospital. After a MRI I got to know that I was suffering with a torn meniscus. Dr Ashfaq performed a surgery which lasted 30 minutes under local anesthesia. I must say that he was very professional and certainly seems to be an expert in his field. I am feeling much better after my surgery and can at all times recommend Dr Ashfaq Konchwalla for any orthopedic related issues. Regards, A former patient :-)

Allan Green*****

I first met Dr Ashfaq Konchwalla when I was suffering knee problems and visited him at Medcare Hospital Dubai. Two years later when I had further knee issues (as I was very pleased with the treatment he gave me) I sought Dr Ashfaq out at Saudi German Hospital Dubai. He always seems to put the patients needs first and takes great care to ensure that your welfare is a priority. Anyone with knee problems will be well looked after by Dr Ashfaq.

Brett Schafer*****

I was referred to Dr Konchwalla by my GP after a shoulder injury was causing me constant pain and limiting my arm movement. After an MRI he diagnosed a shoulder impingement and very diligently explained all the courses of action open to manage this condition. I elected a permanent solution through surgery and Dr Konchwalla quickly scheduled and carried out the procedure at the Saudi German Hospital. He performed Arthroscopic surgery to create more room for the rotator cuff by removing inflamed tissue and doing an anterior acromioplasty to remove a portion of the acromion bone, as well as removing the acromioclavicular arthritis I had as well. The surgery was perfect and I had virtual immediate relief and full mobility was restored to my shoulder with full arm raising within a month. Two months later, after completing the physiotherapy programme Dr Konchwalla recommended, I have none of constant pain I had anymore, as well as full mobility of my arm and shoulder. I can truly recommend Dr Konchwalla for his management of my shoulder impingement challenge and his most excellent surgical skill. Thank you Dr Konchwalla!

Najib Bencherif*****

I came to know Dr Ashfaq through a colleague of mine. Dr Ashfaq performed two operations on my both knees to repair meniscus damage. Both ops were a success. He will be soon performing a third op on my ankle for a tendon reconstruction. Dr Ashfaq is a highly skilled surgeon who inspires you confidence. He would treat you like a friend and explain to you everything before, during and after the op. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of an orthopaedic surgery.

Visweswara Rao Mothukuri*****

I had an injury in my right knee (medial meniscus grade-III tear) while playing a cricket match 3 years ago. I saw three doctors before but I could not find a permanent solution. I went to Dr. Mohammed Ashfaq Konchwalla after much research and he assured me that he would fix it by meniscectomy using arthroscopic surgery. It was a very short (approximately 15 minutes) and simple procedure and I was out of the hospital the next day. He has done a great job, everything went smoothly. He has a great attitude and has been answering all my questions before and after the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr Mohammed Ashfaq Konchwalla to those who have related problems. He is the best Orthopedic and Sports Surgeon.

Sibtain Safdar*****

I visited Saudi German Hospital for a knee injury and meet Dr. Ashfaq. Right from the beginning he recommended arthroscopy to fix the torn meniscus in my left knee. I have had both ligaments and meniscus repaired due to skiing accident many years back on my right knee and was very afraid to have an-other procedure on my left knee. I sustained this injury in March and did a lot of physio therapy but things did not improve and finally as per doctor's recommendation got the procedure done on December 10th. It was a very short (15 mins) a simple procedure and I was out of the hospital the next day and am currently doing my therapy and am very pleased with Dr. Ashfaq. All along he has been excellent in educating and preparing for different stages to recovery and In Sha Allah I will be able to do normal activities within few weeks. I will strongly recommend Dr. Ashfaq for anyone who has any ortho-related injuries and problems. To sum up, I will just say he knows what he's talking about and is very good at what he does.